Pretty Swift

August - December 2015

Pretty Swift is a learning resource to help beginning programmers get started with iOS development. The Pretty Swift course is a roadmap for beginning iOS developers. All the course materials are available on GitHub.

The Pretty Swift curriculum was the course project for CS 6460 Educational Technology in Georgia Tech’s Online Master in Computer Science program.


May - September 2012

  • Baseliner is an iPhone app that keeps a record of singles tennis matches.
  • Add an opponent, score, date, and location to your matches
  • Easily view all your matches against a particular opponent
  • Keep track of your win/loss record against each opponent
  • Share your match scores on Twitter
  • Export a CSV with your match records to Dropbox


July 2014

BRJPopover is an Objective-C framework for iOS. It presents a list inside a popover and allows the user to select one item. It is available to install as a Cocoapod.

Open Source Contributions


January 2014

Contributed a pull request to add functionality to support dates in JSON formatted as Unix timestamps


March 2015

Contributed a pull request to fix bug where a new log file was created on each app launch on the iOS simulator